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We are a dedicated team of students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School participating in this year's U.S. National F1 in Schools competition. Last year, our team placed 1st in New York, 2nd in the New York Super Regionals, and 9th overall nationwide. All members of the Roosevelt Racers have 200+ hours of experience in their specialized fields. This year, we are the only team from New York. If we win or come in second place nationally, we'll advance to the World Finals.



Gaining Key Partners

We take our sponsors very seriously. Our team works around the clock to work with sponsors to find areas where we can benefit mutually. Please contact us if you would like to be one of our sponsors or learn more about our strategy.


Helping the Community

We are dedicated to securing partnerships with local business, as well as with larger companies. Acquiring these partnerships is by no means an easy feat. We'll promote your business through advertising on our brochures and flyers. Your business will even be featured at the competition later this year!

Our teammates are focusing on learning C


Educating Future Racers

Roosevelt Racers is proud to offer a unique opportunity for aspiring racers to experience a high school level challenge in one day. The Roosevelt Racers STEM Workshop is open to all current 8th grade students in New York City and is completely free of charge. Students will have the chance to meet with members of the Roosevelt Racers team and staff members of Eleanor Roosevelt High School. More information about our next workshop will be available soon.


Forever Strong, Forever Growing

Our goal is to seek the most talented and driven members of our high school community to join the team. Please contact club president Peter Lu at ylu2021@erhsnyc.net if you'd like to contribute to our team. Club meetings are after school every Monday in room 501.

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One Step at a Time

Our ultimate goal is to deliver the fastest F1 in Schools car in the world. The Roosevelt Racers engineers work hard every day drawing up countless new concepts and designs, creating pin-point accurate CFD simulations, and brainstorming faster and cheaper ways to manufacture the latest model.

"When something is important enough; you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

Elon Musk

Upcoming Events
Scrutineering Checkpoint
Fri, Mar 06
Location is TBD
Mar 06, 11:10 AM
Location is TBD
Create a race-ready F1 in Schools car and a set of engineering drawings.
F1 in Schools US and Canada National Finals
Mon, Jun 22
Location is TBD
Jun 22, 9:00 AM
Location is TBD
Roosevelt Racers STEM Workshop Round One
Sat, Feb 08
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Feb 08, 8:30 AM
Eleanor Roosevelt High School, 411 E 76th St, New York, NY 10021, USA
F1 in Schools Regional Informational Meeting
Sat, Feb 01
New York, NY
Feb 01, 8:00 AM
New York, NY


411 East 76th Street
New York, NY 10021